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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

We should cherish the past, but embrace change.

All martial arts morph and change, parts of what "we" do today are similar to what O'Sensei likely did, and parts aren't. Neither is right or wrong. Loosley speaking Aikido tends tend to get more and more embelished as the years past, more and more "art" like.

Make aikido your own. I of course never knew O'Sensei but I'm sure he would agree with that statement.

PS - in regards to the very recent posts above about $$$ made in Aikido. Most Aikido seminars I've been to over the years are people showing technique variations, or a lot of talk and breaking down one techinque to crazy levels. Generalisation I know.

People will pay what they think you are worth.

In BJJ, who charge the same fees here to many Akido clubs. Teachers at seminars will walk away with several thousand dollars for a few hours work. They can travel around teachin several of these a week. Very, very good money. Why do I pay a lot of money to go see these guys? Because they are unbelievably good, with some ground breaking ideas. Aikido could learn something here, being a 5th, 6th, 7th Dan doesn't mean you are worth listening to. A good "coach" is.

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