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And as for legality, or some depressed guy, or someone who doesn't understand what his digestive track is made for...well, they can go train at your dojo. I think thats fine.
This is so refreshing! Finally, a thread were political correctness doesn't seem to prevent the real personal opinions from being publicly posted. I'd like to use this opportunity to be as forthcoming.

I couldn't agree more with the above quote. Respectfully, I think it's a great service to the society - providing a place where people with similar approaches to women, homosexuals and undereducated could do their thing. Hopefully, they all concentrate in such places and keep out of other dojos.

why not just say your dojo is male-only because you believe it provides a different kind of discipline than can be found elsewhere? That would be true enough
I think Mr. Linden should be as candid about his dojo as he was on this thread. For the same reasons I just stated.

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