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Gerardo Torres
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Re: Overriding uke's determinism

Robin Boyd wrote: View Post
Hang on. Isn't that the point of uke? Shouldn't uke be playing the role of an attacker in order to allow nage to practice their technique in a simulated attack scenario? If uke was all about blending and being 'aiki' all the time, then how would nage be able to practice effectively?
If uke is just a crash test dummy, and doesn't manifest the same aiki, etc., that nage does, how can uke ever counter nage (kaeshi waza)? If half the time you're training aiki and preserving your balance (nage), and half the time you're just performing some conventional move/attack and/or giving away your balance (uke), how can you progress? Perhaps we just understand aiki differently, but if I were to preserve the uke/nage training paradigm, I would have both uke and nage apply the same body/mind principles all the time so as to condition the body/mind more efficiently. IME you can still have a martial encounter within these parameters.
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