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Re: Overriding uke's determinism

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
Perhaps I am more determined they will go where I want to put them as opposed to me going where they are determined to put me?

Perhaps the outcome is determined by the intent and intensity of training?

Hi Lynn.
I would say the outcome is purely to do with the level of skill, ability. But we digress no?

The whole concept of Aikido is about overriding ukes determination. That's the point I need to clarify. That's the bold statement I make.

Uke: I am saying uke represents a determined aggressor, that's his job.

Nage therefore represents Aikido.

When we read statements by O'Sensei such as 'there are no enemies or opponents in Aikido, or there is no attacking in Aikido or there is no pushing against or pulling in Aikido and such things then it appears to me that the attacker is representing something outside of
Aikido and therefore the nage is representing Aikido.

Thus I believe that I am presenting an interesting view that has more truth to it than first glance.

So I am saying uke represents rules which may be outside of the principles of Aikido yet Aikido is to handle such without going into those same rules ie: without fighting etc.

So in effect overriding or changing the attackers determinism.

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