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Keith Larman
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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Honestly there are very few in any of these arts who in any way makes any sort of "money" in the sense of supporting themselves in some reasonable way. It seems to me that most all of us do this for the same reasons -- out of love of the art. That extends to guys like Dan as well. No one in the west is getting wealthy doing this. People get together. People pay to cover the costs. It ain't like you've got a cathedral filled with 1000 people. It's more like 25 smelly people standing on a mat together for a couple solid days trying to move each other around,.

But this is debating motives, not validity or authenticity. Few I've met who've made the effort to attend and learn have walked away without some benefit or acknowledgement that there's something here to learn.

But... Whatever. Agree, disagree, or neither. Get out and try it or don't. In the end that's the only way to take this conversation any further...