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No one ever brings up how many free night training sessions I offer outside the seminar itself, either. Why not? Because it diminishes the value of the insult and ill- motives they are trying to establish
It is worth noting that many teachers have advised me that I need to patiently accept that people can be angry over some of these issues. I have taken that advice and throttled way down. Understanding and a willingness to listen as well as advocate is a better approach.
It is funny reading some posts about " Making money" with his stuff...then yakking with the more experienced teachers who crack up and share the war stories of traveling and adding up the hours spent. George Ledyard said it best. "It has to be a labor of love. Otherwise no one in their right mind would EVER do this to themselves."
Oops...time for my massage.
Scuba awaits!!!!!
" making my $6.00 an hour worth every penny

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