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Re: Aikido in a street situation

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It looks to me like he said aikido techniques were developed on the battlefield, not aikido. I think you have to admit that he's got a point there - Aikido's core techniques have been around for quite awhile. Whether you can effectively apply these techniques in a street situation if you practice them within Aikido is a better argument to have.
Thank you Cliff, that's what i said. Although Eric's post is historically accurate, the misunderstanding was, that what i actually said is that the techniques pre-existed the development of aikido, so we are agreed anyway. O'sensei himself learned them studying Daito-ryu aiki jutsu with Sokaku Takeda and the aiki principles and techniques were already a legacy of the Minamoto clan of which Takeda was a descendant.But that was more of an intro to my post than an historic reference because i didn't want to miss the point of the topic.There are different ways in which people train in aikido, if you study it in the practical direction (without missing the esoteric ellements, they are one and the same in my opinion) you can be more than effective in a street situation.The point that i wanted to make is that aikido, having its roots in the battlefield, teaches us many ways of how to be aware, avoid a fight or be fast and effective in our reaction than just techniques.The waza is of course the most important part, but one has to be aware of his surroundings and focused all the time in order to use it effectivelly when the time comes and he has no other choice in the street...Thank you both Cliff and Eric for reading my post and replying.
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