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Re: walking in a circle technique??

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Actually, quite common exercise in many Aikikai dojos in the USA. Tai no henko is often then used to lead into techniques, sometimes via a full 180 degree turn or more...I personally don't like its use as a starting point for techniques because I believe it is very rarely done properly and just encourages collusive uke habits (as in "you mean it's NOT my job to run in a circle around you?")

Look at third version in this video: Darren, is this what you are describing?
Thankyou Janet. It is indeed the tae no henko ki no nagare movement you pointed out as the 3rd move in that video. Im sorry guys if i did not make myself as clear as i could have.
Ive seen it practised with almost 360 degree turn, and understand your point about uke's role as in should they just keep holding, but if done correctly there is no mistaking ukes role, they will remain transfixed through their own forward momentum, constantly off balance, trying to stand upright and guided around by nage ??

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