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Re: Aikido in a street situation

Aikido techniques were developed in feudal Japan to be used in the battlefield, so in my opinion, there is no question whether it is effective or not in a street situation.Martial arts training is much more complex and deep than just "sreet effectiveness" but that doesn't mean that to defend yourself during a street attack is an easy task.One should avoid any kind of fighting situation if possible and if it's not, one should defend himself to the best of his abillities.But before all that should come the abillity to be aware of his suroundings and environment, a martial state of mind that can prove to be very helpfull in order to avoid a difficult situation, or react fast and effectivelly if he has to.People are getting increasingly "addicted" to walking with a pair of walkman headphones plugged in their ears, or "daydreaming",or being absent-minded e.t.c. So rule number one should be "pay attention, be aware" and Aikido teaches us how to do it and how to be aware of all eight directions. All we have to do is practice and then apply all our knowlegde in our daily lives...
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