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walking in a circle technique??

Hi people,

Its been a long time coming back to this art. There is a technique I'm having problems with where you virtually walk uke in a circle. I cannot think of the name, but it can lead to many different techniques or you could I suppose walk them around you in a circle for ever i suppose. I'm looking for the name of this technique and also if possible any good simple single person type tutorials on footwork that i can practice at home.

It starts with uke stepping in to grab your wrist, you blend with them awase and then you turn them effectively walking them almost 360 degrees around you before carrying out another technique. Its the walking in a circle part I'm having a problem with, stepping, turning at the hips, footwork etc, what comes first and so on

I thought initially i was supposed to be stepping back constantly in a circle, but now I'm aware that basically it seems your walking forward in a circle. It feels highly unusual and awkward doing this technique, as all new techniques feel, and was wondering if there were some good online tutorials for this, ones that i can practice at home on my own ie single person practice, footwork, turning etc.

Sorry if this post is in the wrong place.......

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