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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

As my post indicates I have read several posts about alleged mistranslations of O'Sensei and other passages not translated. These posts don't seem to support the grandiose claims being made. Ofcourse they are incoherent at times, so there may be meaning behind them that is not clear. I could go back to the beginning of this forum and it would make the writing more readable. I'm genuinely trying to give you and others the benefit of fair consideration but the language is not clear at times. When it is clear the arguments are more implied than stated. The implied or not so implied argument seems to be that no one since O'Sensei (or a few direct students who trained with him early on) could do Aikido or even had a clue what it was they were trying to learn. I haven't read anything so far that can support a claim like that.

Specific questions:

Define power in plain English
Explain the difference between power and Ki
Is it your position that other than O'Sensei no one in Aikido understood breaking internal balance until recently?
Are you and others claiming that O'Sensei never demonstrated Aikido that relied on timing, blending, and leading?
To train the Aikido you and others are describing, what are the roles of Uke and Nage? Is it static, movement, or slow movement?
Are you denying the importance that O'Sensei gave to the spiritual and metaphysical in the larger purpose of Aikido and/or their relationship to Aikido' effectiveness?
How are you defining and using the concept of takemuso aiki?