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Re: high breakfalls?

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
To an extent... Nage's technique may be fine, but he may have consciously or unconsciously chosen to give uke a choice, perhaps because of the difficulty of some of the ukemi options.

My teacher warns people not to judge their own technique by uke's failure to take a particular fall. Maybe uke did something dumb. Maybe uke disconnected just a little early because they were anticipating the fall. If nage ends up stable, balanced, and in a safe or (better) advantageous position, they did fine.

Hello Katherine - I agree that uke's failure to take a particular fall should not be a means of judging nage's technique for the most part. Safety should be, and is my first priority. And yes I beleive, as you stated, if nage ends up stable etc then yes they did fine.

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