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Re: kiai in aikido?

I think if people are going to KIAI they must be taught proper kiai, I dont think its right to say any kiai is right. Funny story about Kiai in iwama, when one deshi just could not get there head into making any noise and after being thrown of the mat twice for it. Hitohiro got the person to come into the middle of the mat and wanted explain the reason behind Kiai and the correct way to Kiai. he lay on his back and said that many people KIAI by just shouting and the noise comes from the chest, you can here its empty and halo. Instead, he said Kiai must come from the abdomen just like deep breathing in mediation. so he proceeded to lye on his back and started making a noise from his gut and you could see his belly moving up and down. He then got the deshi to stand on his stomach and proceeded to life the deshi up and down using his abdomen and deep Kiai. So he was saying its just as wring to Kiai from high up the body like the chest as it is wrong not to Kiai. Again from my own experience, Ive not seen any other budo that does not use Kiai and I cant do any tech in silence as to me it feels dead.
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