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Re: high breakfalls?

The last two times I have come off a horse were breakfall landings. One was a straight over backwards landing flat on my back and the other, I am told, was a pretty cool triple somersault with a twist before landing on my back. This was back before I started training in aikido so my mind was unable to be as in control and aware of things during the event and I don't remember the details. But they sure beat that one 14 years ago when I went straight up and then straight down and landed on my head. I still don't remember that landing...

Of all of the falls I have taken off of horses I would say that most were breakfalls. The one time I took a forward roll off my horse, went over his shoulder when he stumbled in some mud, I dislocated a shoulder.... actually come to think of it Iv'e done that twice. Dislocated the same shoulder both times. Landed on my feet the first time. I think I prefer the breakfall.
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