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All right, now that we've created a truly supportive and accepting environment for Daniel to explain his approach, it's a wonder that he isn't coming forward to explain himself.

I've very curious about the single sex policy. It doesn't sound like something I'd enjoy or be particularly interested in trying, but I don't see a reason to condemn it out of hand, or even to condemn it once it is in hand. If a group of men want to train together then one imagines, given the state of AiKiDo in the U.S. today that the women will have plenty of other options that they can go to for their training.

I wonder if Daniel Rozenbaum or Richard would have felt the same way about a woman teacher who had a woman-only dojo. I'm not implying that they would feel necessarily differently (or even that they should). I'm honestly curious whether for either of them that would be a different situation.

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