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Re: More on High Break-falls

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
Oh, please. Really?

No, he's suggesting that you ask one of your students to point an iPhone at you while you demonstrate. Or a Flip camera. Or any of a thousand other good quality consumer-oriented cameras in common use. It's just not that hard.

A clip of me doing it is not the same as demonstration. Leads to too many yeah buts by those who don't understand. So actually it is that hard to convey precisely via film. I should know, Ha, ha.

Then there's the question of me. Now that's creepy. I could give you hundreds of examples to go look at on film of Aikido, judo, even wwf wrestling where those principles are in use so what's the infatuation with me.

I could point to one right now but it wasn't a demonstration video. Secondly, knowing how great many of you are at 'thinking' you know what's happening when seeing a film clip I would then have to run you through it bit by bit. It does show me being completely splattered. It does show me flat out. It does show me getting up and then joking to the class by holding my back and limping just to wind them up because of the gasps I heard from them. Then showing them I'm only joking. This point as described above of no choice, splatt, demonstrated to the class.

So no. No film.

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