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Re: More on High Break-falls

Ashley Carter wrote: View Post
A straight down fall I experienced was falling off of a roof. I was completely parallel to the ground the whole way down and landed flat on my back on a dirt/rocky surface and both of my sides got scraped a bit because I landed between two stakes (they were up around the garage since it was in the process of being built). I think that qualifies for a straight down fall..... it scared the crap out of me after the fact, but I was perfectly fine because I was relaxed, exhaled up landing and I tucked my chin so I didn't whack my head on anything. I do not have video of this though..... I wasn't even sore the next day.

I also did a flying face fall off of a lawn mower going about 20-25 mph (long story) and although it wasn't straight down, I would still put this in the same category. I got pretty dirty from bailing, but over all I was alright. THIS did make me a bit sore the next day, but what do you expect? Could have been a lot worse if I didn't go with it. My biggest worry at the time was getting away from the tumbling mass of metal that was chasing after me as it rolled, so the impending impact was the least of my worries. Again... no video. Sorry.
I like it, well said. When I said earlier how it saved me breaking my back or neck the circumstance was not too dissimilar to your examples.

It's going back a bit now but it must have been about nine years ago. I was doing a painting job with my friend but we had been asked to do the high metal rafters in a closed factory. My friend had gone to get a 'tower' to work from as they were too high to work safely from ladders. However, thinking I'm smart I got the triple extension ladder and thought I'd just go up and get started while waiting for him to get back.

While up there some paper moved as I touched it and made me jerk back a bit thinkong for some reason there was a rat under it. Anyway, brush in one hand paint pot in the other suddenly realizing I was on a ladder and oh ***** too late, I was falling backwards. The experience was amazing though in retrospect. It was like total acceptance, no time for worry or panick, in fact time slowed. I hit the ground flat on my back, one paint brush hand out and the other hand in over my chest complete with paint all over my chest and face and floor. I actually stayed there in that position for a few seconds not moving in case anything was broken until surprisingly it felt all was ok. Then I got up went over to the window and sat on a box feeling stupid.

I did at the time end up laughing at how funny it would have looked if candid camera was there.

Thus I got first extreme reality on the effectiveness of harmonizing with the ground. Once again Aikido had helped me for real.

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