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Re: high breakfalls?

I just watched the posted video on soft breakfalls and must say it is demonstrated very smooth ,soft and gentle and at a very slow controlled speed and the impact appeared quite gentle on the body,keeping in mind that this is an instructional video.

From my experience,being instructed on how to actually breakfall is always done at slow controlled speed as shown in the video.But once you get into full training and are thrown at full speed from full height shoulder throws such as Morote Seoi Naga or Ippon Seoi Naga, i at no time ever landed that slow and smooth.Being 6` ,220 lbs,the years of impact from these high breakfall throws did create a lot of wear and tear on my body.

I am certainly open to the fact that we may have been doing it wrong,whereas some suggest that if done correctly,high breakfalls should not cause any degree of wear and tear on the body.All i can say is i had my fair share of injury from doing it especially during randori.Thankfully now in my Aikido training these type of extreme breakfalls are not done.

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