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Re: More on High Break-falls

Ashley Carter wrote: View Post
One other thing I really liked about your post was the mention of "... harmonizing with the ground..." I personally find that of utmost importance. Most people who end up getting hurt with these are because they are full of fear. They tighten up and anticipate the impact and end up fighting gravity the entire way down and splat onto the mat. Instead, they need to relax, stay calm and think more along the lines of welcoming the mat with vigor. I can understand the fear of those who have been injured through these falls, but more often then not, the fear the majority of the people have is unfounded; they are just afraid to fall. Sure.... you could talk about evolution and the dying urge to maintain an upright position, yadda, yadda, yadda, but I never understood the fear people have. I have always been comfortable with ukemi. Maybe I am the one who is abnormal.
I agree. ( Not with the last sentence though, ha,ha.)

I think the mention of fear especially because it's true tends to make a lot of people assume wrong things. For example many are taught or believe they are being told to face their fear, or fight their fear and that makes them more tense. They need to be taught how to let go of their fear. Letting go is the key. Interesting how that is also the key to relaxing.

You have to let go and relax first in order to face anything properly or comfortably. It's funny how some people just don't want to let go of their problems or fears. Leads me to believe they must be useful to them.

Anyway, we digress. Thanks for your view.

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