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Richard Fox (rgfox5) wrote:
I am quite shocked that a dojo in this country in the 21st century would not allow women, and would be very interested in hearing what possible justification the teacher has for what is, to me, a completely untenable position.
Same here. As much as I sympathize with the principle of a private practice and the complete discretion of its owner in business decisions, the fact there're segregated dojos out there is rather surprising.

Interesting observation, I checked the web site of this dojo, and, unless I'm missing something, there's no mention of the fact that women are not welcome there.
Daniel Linden wrote:
Back when I allowed women to train I NEVER let husbands and wives or couples train together. Over 30 years I've seen too many personal problems brought to the mat.
Would you please elaborate on how you deal with other types of personal problems that your students might be having? Say, if over the 30 years you had several student that experienced prolonged depressions because they'd just been laid off, would you condlude that you'd rather not deal with such problems at all and expel students that let their personal problems affect their performance on the mat?

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