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Mario Tobias
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Re: high breakfalls?

Larry Feldman wrote: View Post
Don't do them.

Learned how in Ju Jitsu, used to do them, but not anymore.

One of my students (and Judo Black belt) used to practice in a Dojo in a large Aikido organization. Someone observed that a large percentage of the older Sr. students were 'all busted up'. They concluded it must have been from the years of brakfalls. They no longer do them, and the latest explanation is that you can practice longer/harder without the breakfalls.

My student will occassionally launch himself in class, but totally unnecessary, except for keep ing the skill.
Probably when you do it every class yes.

The thing is some techniques require high falls like koshinage, juji garami, some iriminage and some kokyunage as proper ukemi. However, you feel like you are being cheated if they do proper breakfall ukemi when they're doing the technique on you while when its their turn they do soft rolls because they are afraid to do high falls, for me especially koshinage where I dont learn because uke is afraid.
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