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Re: high breakfalls?

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
*Provided* that tori actually knows what to do with that control and, ideally, is approximately the same size as aite. Breakfalling over the shoulder of someone taller than you is not something I'd recommend for beginners!

Which is a reason to recommend ukemi-focused classes and workshops. In most classes at most dojos, the focus is on the technique. But a vicious circle can develop: it's very difficult to learn how to do koshinage if your partner is afraid of the ukemi, but it's very difficult to develop confident ukemi if your partner is tentative about the throw.

It was illustrative and must off course match the ability of the students involved. At times I myself throw each and every student to show proper technique (e.g. koshinage). Btw, koshinage does not require breakfall: with proper guiding aite can simply 'slide off' so they (both aite and tori) can familiarize themselves with the technique in a safe way. Next step is that tori takes full control and throws aite, but like you said that requires a bit more skill. :-)

Your last remark is actually my starting point: how can I make them feel safe and secure to try the technique that looks pretty impressive? What can I do to make the technique somewhat easier? Which techniques can you perform in preparation?

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