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Re: high breakfalls?

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In my experience, the ONLY serious physical aikido-waza I have had to use outside of the dojo has been ukemi/breakfall in nature...literally. I have taken a decently high ukemi while mountain biking (I did an end-over my handle-bars); and I have taken a hard ushiro sutemi slipping on an icy staircase. Forget bar fights -- Nature gives you enough opportunity to practice Aikido in real life.
Yup. All my aikido stories have to do with ukemi. All of my friends' aikido stories have to do with ukemi. And all the injury stories from my non-aikido friends have to do with failure of ukemi.

(Well, actually, I guess I have used Jedi mind tricks on drunks a couple of times. Those might count as ki projection, but not as physical applications of aikido.)

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