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Re: high breakfalls?

Robin Boyd wrote: View Post
Those break falls can be done from a koshi-nage. I know at least 2 people who can do them from koshi-nage 100% of the time. Personally, I'm not that good, and I only get them right some of the time. Still, if you do a good break fall, regardless of whether you have a noisy slap, you shouldn't feel much impact in your body, and it shouldn't lead to physical degeneration later in life.

My understanding of why judo players in particular end up in poor condition later in their lives is that it is because in matches, they are actively trying NOT to break fall. I.e. If they break fall well, then the opponent wins (ippon) By not falling well, they damage their bodies, but they may win the match.
Your conclusion on judo players and later in life damage sounds reasonable enough to me. Same goes for anything done not so well over a period of time. So I agree there. I don't think they are trying not to break-fall though, more not to be thrown.

Anyway, back to high break-falls. When you come to koshi nage and all the versions then some would befit as you describe but many wouldn't.

The point I'm making is if a person studies and understands fully what a break-fall is the they would see that a lot of these questions are nonsensical in the first place.

Do you know actually what a break-fall is? That might sound like a very insulting question but I believe the simplicity is lacking in most Aikidoka.

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