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It seems to me that any dojo where the sexes are separated, or as in one remarkable case mentioned women are disallowed altogether, is doing an extreme disservice to both men and women but especially the women. Where then should women learn to deal with attacks, which almost always will come from men?

There are some women in our dojo that are so tough that any thought of "taking it easy on them" totally evaporates as my concentration has to be 100% in order to try and take their center or take the best ukemi I can so I don't get hurt. It is quite an uplifting experience since I was also raised not hit girls. So to attack them with my best attack and then feel myself completely and thoroughly dealt with shakes loose the cultural baggage and feels great.

An interesting aside, I fairly recently had a road rage incident directed at me where a pretty small girl came up to my parked car and screamed and cussed at me and spit in my face. I moved my head but still caught a little spray on my cheek. The temptation to knock her out was quite strong, but I thought to myself "Whoa, have I studied martial arts for years just to damage this, admittedly obnoxious, girl?" So I swallowed my pride and did nothing except get more distance. I have no doubt that had it been a man my reaction would have been quite different.

I am quite shocked that a dojo in this country in the 21st century would not allow women, and would be very interested in hearing what possible justification the teacher has for what is, to me, a completely untenable position.

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