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Re: Being overly complacent as Uke

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
I'll have a go at this to re-iterate my point about avoiding posts... I have edited your response to my post.

I wish I could edit with line-out, about half of your post is irrelevant to my request to clarify your existing points. As I said in my earlier post, instead of consolidating and clarifying the several post you have already made, you choose to make more posts with more tangental comments that require more explanation.

I don't necessarily have anything against your comments because I do not yet understand them. When I ask for clarification, I am being serious because I want to understand your points. Even if they are points with which I do not agree I appreciate differing perspectives.

On a grander scale, would it then agree that your larger perspective is that poor uke waza is a reflection of poor nage waza, since nage possesses and inherent right to correct uke, with or without his consent?
Hi Jon. A considered reply I must say. There is a confusion granted. On reading the thread I find I have already explained the points you mention. Thinking that I add some in case you think what springs to my mind, assumption on my part. Therefore I believe that it's either my meanings I have for the words I use being different to yours or finding a way of putting it befitting to you.

So I'll just take what you ask above for my aim is to be understood as yours is to understand after which point I'm happy with either agreement or disagreement.

So the answer to your question is no, that's not my perspective. So you can throw that idea away and proceed to your next question for I am averse to assuming what it may be.

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