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Re: Aiki Ken and Ken justu

I am always disappointed when people paint any martial practice with a broad brush. The ability of each person to transfer lessons from bokken to katana is decided by their interest, innate ability and the quality of instruction. Within a single school the experience of students vary widely. At Aikikai of Philadelphia for example, I was introduced to Henry Smith Shihan (Chiba/Sugano weapons), Nizam Godan (Nishio/Seito weapons) and Paul Manogue Yondan Aikido (Yagyu Iaido master plus a bunch of other weapons training including Shioda Shihan) all in my first two days. In the intervening years I have studied with Gleason Sensei(Saotome influenced), John Stevens (Shabata), Dwight Epps (Crane Iwama interpretation) et al. My "aiki weapons" is unlike any of the other students in my school as well as unique from each of the schools that have seasoned my continuing study. The rambling point that I humbly submit is that we are best served to actively pursue whatever level of expertise we choose and abandon all judging of the illusory/intellectual merits of various weapons styles. The goal is always self mastery. Aiki weapons is a beautifully wide and flexible path.
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