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Re: Being overly complacent as Uke

Basia Halliop wrote: View Post
No, you can't have it both ways, because you're directly contradicting yourself. You can't say it's their right to decide what you're allowed to do to THEIR body, then say 'unless it's for a bad reason'. It's just not up to you. Sorry. Your opinion, no matter how correct and brilliant and insightful, just doesn't MATTER.

It's not like it's even that hard to convince someone to go really slowly and show them you'll keep going really slowly and let them discover for themselves that it doesn't hurt as soon as they thought it would. I've done that more than once, and I'm not even particularly advanced, nor do I claim to have your exceptional judgment or ability to read the situation. If you go slowly and smoothly, you don't even HAVE to be a genius or know your partner better than they know themselves.
Basia. I just recognised and pointed out in the above reply to Jon that some may think I'm taliking about pins. Not so.

In my examples no one is DOING anything TO or AGAINST the others body. Quite the reverse.

Which part of 'tapping out BEFORE you've done anything are you confused about?

I specifically point to those who tap out in anticipation. That's very specific. Maybe I should add continually.

Anyone taking this outside of that specific group I can only think are either not used to it, oblivious to it or just argumentative.

You, as some others have done, go on to say how I claim an exceptional ability and you go further calling it genius. I'm amazed once again. All I can say is if you few represent the majority then no wonder Aikido is floundering.

Either therefore I am exceptional or else what I consider normal and standard is far higher than what most do.

I ask you to consider not blindly stick to a rule. I could give many examples where it's best not to let go when uke is tapping, for their own good and I may add to prevent injury or 'further' injury. Many my friend, not one or two. The solution is and always will be differentiation whether you like it or not. For example tapping out is a communication and knowing instantly what that communication is is necessary. So it's not just tapping out is tapping out is tapping out.

Now, I'm tapping out.

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