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Re: Not being challenged as Uke?

Franziska Costa wrote: View Post
I take offense at the implication that I do not pay enough attention if as an Uke I have issues with the Ikkajo pin. So with all respect, I now understand a little more why there is such a strained atmosphere in this forum. As this is an internet site, written words are easily misinterpreted or misunderstood, so I'll step aside for a moment.
No offense meant.

I personally find it useful to stay mindful and learn from any position I am in, including accepting the limits of the person I am working with while they are trying to learn.

Perhaps the limits of what challenge them is met before the limits that challenge you.

They are training and learning too.

IMHO, a lot of really nice people who take Aikido tend to be a bit more cautious on their throws and pins than I would prefer.

This is where I practice patience and compassion and realize that its not all about me.

Again, no offense meant.

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