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Re: Being overly complacent as Uke

Robin Boyd wrote: View Post
I completely agree. I have tapped out for numerous reasons including cramp in my foot, my hair getting caught, a toe getting caught in the hakama, an inexperienced tori giving me a 'chinese burn' when trying to apply the pin, the torn tendon in my left hand being at an odd angle, pressure on the bone that I broke in my right hand last year etc. etc. etc. There is no way that tori can be completely aware of everything that is going on. Uke needs to inform them by tapping, and tori needs to respect that.
Oh dear. Personal experiences to back up a point of view. I cannot disagree with those instances Robin but I'm afraid you either choose to ignore what I wrote or are unaware of it.

The point I made was about when a person is tapping out through fear of what may happen. Some people do this and then turn it into a way of getting out of, a neat trick.

If you or whoever believe it is not possible to recognise this then you never will.

Nowhere did I say that when an uke suddenly shouts or taps unforseen discomfort that you should carry on regardless.

I also said that uke is responsible for informing of any physical concerns beforehand.

I notice those coming on against what I said are giving personal experience as their reasoning. I suggest they take each experience and find when they were at fault and when the other was at fault. As I said 'bad training' is at fault but alas most call that normal.

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