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ahmad abas (Abasan) wrote:

thanks for that, rusty memory, it was Malaysia that he went to, not Indonesia.'

Really? I've been to a lot of dojo's here in Malaysia... being Malaysian and all, and I don't recall any segregation of sexes. There is a university dojo that does this, but thats more an exception than the rule.

Furthermore, they don't cover their faces. They cover their hair, neck. Like nuns...

Keiko with it is not extremely uncomfortable. You may need to get used to it... but hey, ask the kendoist who cover their heads (even without the helmet thingey).

Did your Japanese Sensei which dojo he went to? Or was it during the Asian Aikido Federation meet? Was it when doshu came over?
I could well have the whole thing twisted, especially the country. I am positive he told me they had separate classes, because his wife trained in one and he trained in the other. He also mentioned the head scarves, although I may well have misinterpreted his story to me. As to which dojo, I have no idea, it was a couple of years ago, I don`t believe it was in conjunction with Doshu as they went for a vacation.

Wasn`t trying to cast aspersions at any specific country, just relaying that someone had told me about training in a segregated dojo.

I`ll try and confirm next time I see them.

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