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Eek! Re: Being overly complacent as Uke

Tim Ruijs wrote: View Post
...must have been really cool to get so close to the cubs and ... scary at the same time.
Well, this is OT, but since you ask..

Picture: I was working for CP Rail Special Projects, surveying profile and cross-sections for volumes remaining to fill on a railway construction project. I was "Rodman" but was sitting on a rock at the side of the job waiting while "R," the instrument man (about 30 m away from me) was doing some calculations in his field book (it was the 1970s before all the computerized equipment).

I heard some rustling in the bush to my right. Looked, FROZE and started hoping like heck that cub number 1 would NOT look my way... then cub number 2 and mom came out. This was about 1/3 of the way between me and the guy on the instrument. I'm sitting not making any noise, saying to myself "PLEASE don't smell me, PLEASE don't look this way." over and over.... The cubs were really cute but their presence makes momma bear REALLY dangerous. Normally the bear will avoid human contact, but if the cubs are there they can cause a lot of damage.

The bears wandered across the construction site (a 5 mile long construction site near Revelstoke, BC) and when they were about 3/4 of the way across, or about 70 meters away, I picked up the mike on the radio and whispered "Look up" - R. looked up, I was pointing at the bears. He froze, and the instant they went over the side of the fill, I assume on their way to the river, R picked up the level, the radio, and started walking the mile or so back to the truck.

Hmm, guess we're done... I suppose I'll leave, too. In the truck, he wrote "Bears on job site" at the bottom of the page, we dropped the gear at the trailer, and went to the pub for the rest of the afternoon.

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