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Re: True Warfare

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Interesting. I find if I read it and give it poetic licence then it's a nice poem. If I take it as given, a metaphor of true war then I see an attempt to apply Aikido principles to war. Mmmmmm.

Or is true war a metaphor also? Is there such a thing?

Also, does Aikido look as you describe at first glance?

I think "true war" is a bit of a koan, not unlike "true aikido," or "true basket weaving." We might each have different ideas as to what constitutes the truest aspects of the thing, but it's too subjective to arrive at an objectively reliable idea. To some, true warfare is absolute destruction. To me it's utmost effort toward survival of life...something not very popular with people who are bent on enmity.
My view of Aikido is that is can be applied to anything, including things like war. I think of Mochizuki's remarks about artillary as an example. I don't think it's an ideal situation or application, but if the aim is to preserve life and, hypothetically speaking, it was essentially the only option, I see it as relevant. Then again, as I said, I think Aikido is universal in application, since I see it as an extention of kami no michi...not that I understand that properly.
Regarding first glances, I'm not entirely sure I understand your meaning, but I would say Aikido looks like many things to many people. I was speaking in general terms, but most people see a way of fighting when they see aikido methods. Is it the "real" Aikido? Probably not, but I would say "real" Aikido is something no one can actually comprehend: the concept(s) each of us holds in mind about it are always wanting somehow; none of us is exactly right, even if some of us might have a more developed understanding in specific regards. For what it's worth, my first impression of Aikido was that is was kinda like "Japanese Tai Chi."

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