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Re: Get Over It Already!

I don't think this is anything new. Over the past couple of decades I have seen lots of folks reach their black belts only to never be seen again. It is, as already stated, because they see their martial arts training as a hobby and the blackbelt is seen as the "goal" of their training.

Getting rid of the color belts or just starting by wearing a blackbelt isn't a new idea but I agree is it effective to some degree. I train in Shinkendo and we wear a white belt until we achieve blackbelt. There are tests in between so there are goals there but the focus isn't on testing so much as it is about improving technique as well as ourselves. This doesn't mean people don't drop out after getting their blackbelt or disappear for long periods.

It isn't limited to blackbelts either. Ultimately it is on the mindset of the student. Sometimes training can improve a person but most times training reveals what was hidden all along.

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