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Re: Wrong technique

I don't know, what that sensei wanted to show.

But I sometimes do something which seems to be similar:
uke is brought down to tatami like lets say in ikkyo. Then I change and touch uke on his back with only one hand. Most oftn between the shoulder blades, sometimes on one of his schoulder blades. uke should feel very free in this situation, he can use his arms like he wants to. (That's how you felt?)
I then want uke to stand up, roll away, get free and use his arms an body to got away (That's what this sensei wanted you to do?)
Uke may get up or move to a certain point when I move him not by pressure on his back but by changing the direction of his movement. He feels free, but he can't bring his movements to the end he wants to. So I control uke while we he is moving quite a lot, while I just lay my hand on his back.

We do this to better understand how atari works and to better understand the osae waza. Endo sometimes shows this.

If someone doesn't try to get up or move away nothing just happens and he will not feel what could have happened.
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