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Re: Wrong technique

David Yap wrote: View Post
Hi Terry,

I do this sometimes with uke who resist being put to the floor. Once I have put him on floor and pinned his shoulders momentarily, I would take a step back to allow him to get up and start the attack all over again till I am satisfied that I can put him down at will even with the resistance. Nothing to prove but maximizing the time to train without softening up the Uke

David Y
Thanks for your reply
It's not quite like that... He pinned my shoulders and said now get out of that
Of course it would have been simple to do, but I refrained from doing so.
While I could move my arms and hands it would have been easy..

He was demonstrating this to the class. We all had to do it. But I know it was wrong.
I am wondering about his real status. But I love aikido and have been doing it 30 years on and off,
This is because I am in different countries. I am settled in, Thailand now and dojos are few..
Once again, thanks for your. reply
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