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Re: True Warfare

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Hi Matthew.
I see the word invasion used as you say he used it later but is it true? Does the world around us invade simply by virtue of contact? Thus I say the wrong word is used. In the op it is clearly about invading and cutting communication lines etc. It is about attacking and dominating with superior force. So I suggest a better analogy that's all.

Sorry Graham, seemingly you clearly didn't understand my op and that leads me to think you have no experience of what I'm describing. It's a caring, loving, aware and conscious feeling engagement that is present from the moment we lay eyes on each other. It's being your brother when you don't believe you have one. We can call it pre-emptive and infiltration using words of war or we can call it fully embracing using more acceptable language. Some times some words just hits the correct note inside and we can feel it in our engagement. If you loosen your judgment of what is the correct way of saying something, missing the heart of the matter, you might find a new experience waiting to reveal itself to you. If you like to express it differently please do so, and let's see if we are describing the same thing? Because so far I haven't heard you describe anything similar to what I've expressed in the op. To clarify, it is not literal. Do not invade another country please. Really I shouldn't have to clarify this. It's takes away all joy in sharing. Because you already know it's a metaphor for an interior experience between two aikidokas. But if you want to play the fool and pretend you know better the hole you're digging for your self just gets bigger and bigger.

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