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Re: True Warfare

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
May I say it is me who is surprised more by others not seeing invasion as anti-aikido than others being surprised by that view.

Thus it leads me to recognise some have yet to fully appreciate Aikido.
I think Bjorn made the semantics a little more clear that his use of the term holds different connotations than yours. The world around us "invades" us through the simple virtue of contact; it is inescapable. How we interact with that contact determines whether or not it's a pleasure or something else. How we are organized determines the initial nature of the interaction/contact. He's not saying (I'm pretty sure) people should practice breaking and entering or starting wars or striking needlessly.
I suggest the idea that no one fully apreciates Aikido; that each of us has different qualities and quantities of understanding...hence the need for life-long study.

By thinking in terms of right and wrong you create your own confusion.
You seem to be suggesting some folks have the wrong view of Aikido.

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