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Before invading another country we realize what got us into this situation. We realize we have no right to invade anyone. We realize the difference between invasion and entering and sharing. We then realize we only enter anothers space through invitation.

Then we realize that when someone is trying to invade our space we enter into the realm of self defence.

Then we go beyond even that. We realize Aikido.

So, um, are you advocating that people do the *wrong* thing in order for them to realize aikido? You have posted a list of things to do before realizing aikido and the very first one is the invasion into "another country". Do you really believe that someone must do the wrong thing before finally realizing aikido?

If you only enter another's space through invitation, but there is no invitation, how do you realize aikido. If you have a psycho who gives no invitation using a knife, does that mean you have no aikido? Or is it that you *can* invade without invitation if it's "self defence"? Which means, again, that you're doing the wrong thing to go beyond to find aikido.

What do you mean by "beyond even that". It's like you've made a grand canyon leap of faith which is based upon faulty premises to arrive at some unknown definition of "aikido".
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