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David Yap
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Re: Wrong technique

Terry Johnson wrote: View Post
I recently trained in a dojo in Thailand. I had no Gi, so wore shorts and T shirt. The sensei put me on the floor and pressed down on my shoulders, leaving my arms free.

I didn't know whether to free myself, which would have been easy for me to do. Instead I just accepted his move..But I felt as a teacher he could not have possibly made this error. I left and have not been back.

As any one else been in this situation and what do you think is the correct course of action to take?
Hi Terry,

I do this sometimes with uke who resist being put to the floor. Once I have put him on floor and pinned his shoulders momentarily, I would take a step back to allow him to get up and start the attack all over again till I am satisfied that I can put him down at will even with the resistance. Nothing to prove but maximizing the time to train without softening up the Uke

David Y
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