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Re: Correctly Translating and Understanding the Works and Teachings of Morihei Ueshib

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I have no idea what you are referring to. You agree with what?

You state you have yin and yang in your aikido. You have produced many videos. When and if, someone understands in yo ho- it is revealed in their movements and in their contact with others. It is obvious. If it is not there, the tell tale markers are all over the place and hundreds of people can see them. Really, no discussion is needed.

The world is wrong and you are right? Er...okay. You can redefine anything for Graham's use as you like. I don't quite understand why you would take a term with such an established pedagogy and twist it to mean the opposite of what the world knew it meant.

The reason the union of opposites is so profound that it lasted centuries, is that it pretty much sidelined and pushed everyone who doubted it out of the field. It was it's own truth and everyone else was forced to go home with their individual unique theories or not show up at all for any worthwhile comparisons.
Had Ueshiba adopted your model- none of us would be here. Why?
No one would have known his name or found him worth following.
No idea what I was agreeing with? Read it again or I'll give you a clue,(if you miss what I was referring to then you suck) ha,ha.

On the second point I asked for an answer, you gave one, good. Thank you.

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