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Re: Correctly Translating and Understanding the Works and Teachings of Morihei Ueshib

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Private Message....

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This is what I mean by "your people"...this is creepy.
I DON"T want to train with Dan!

Would you do me a small favor? I know, it's somewhat intrusive to ask. If you haven't already, would you take a step back, catch your breath, relax, find your center, and then look at your post with fresh eyes? You posted a private message onto a public thread. That isn't a nice thing to do, but we all make mistakes. I'm sure Cady is nice enough to understand that frustration levels can get very high at times and a sincere apology works wonders.

Other than that, I think your message came through loud and clear. There is a saying about walking a mile in one's shoes ... I think perhaps both sides can gain from that saying. On our end, some of us should gain an understanding that you are Happy in your Aikido. That you have a Vision of Aikido which is giving you a Life full of Wonder and Challenge.

On your end, I hope you can understand the thrill of a child getting a brand new, much wanted, toy. The child looks at it in wonder and excitement and wants to play and share the toy with other kids. So, too, does this aiki fall into our hands. It is wonder, excitement, thrills, and we are ecstatic to share the "toy". In our excitement, we sometimes forget that other people do not have the same views about "play" or even "toys" in general.

Maybe one day we'll find some common ground ...


(Please excuse the off topic post)
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