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Re: Looking to practice the grounding and centering part of Aikido

It depends on what you mean by "grounding and centering". Since you make reference with it specifically in the context of aikido, probably the best thing to do is to pursue it further through whatever source you heard it from. I say this because there isn't some standard aikido practice called "grounding and centering", or some standard aikido definition for what those terms mean. Where I train, for example, when Sensei says "center", he simply means that your center isn't pointing where it should be -- it's a simple physical direction -- and he never uses the term "ground" at all. So, for our version of "centering", you don't need a DVD, you just need to train. I've also heard these terms used outside aikido, in everything from pagan circles to meditation (where they're not always a positive thing) to vague newage stuff. But, since this is something you're looking for, perhaps you already have some idea of how you define it -- so maybe it would be helpful for you to say what you mean by those terms, and people could make suggestions based on that.
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