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Re: Correctly Translating and Understanding the Works and Teachings of Morihei Ueshib

Chris - I realize they are rough and ready translations but thanks for doing them.

Please note that these are my interpretations of the terms and each of them probably need a longer description than I have written (and I have consciously steered clear of some of the IS interpretations such as using dantian,etc. )

Actually putting them in sequence there is a nice harmony to them in that in some ways the first is the basis for the second pair and the third is the basis for the fourth pair

Stillness and Movement - movement trains techniques and applications (speed, angle etc.) stillness trains the whole body integration (mind, body, fascia)

Leading and Loosening - I would pair up the leading as the energy of taking your opponent off balance, and loosening as the ability to remove tension from your body to slip out of locks and reverse techniques

Relaxation and Congealing - ability to have a relaxed body without extraneous tension and congealing is the ability to link up the body into one unit to fajin or issue force

Opening and Closing - storing and releasing the energy (related to usage of the back bow) - I know the character is for separating but I think the concept is the same as opening.

Just talking about In/yo seems too abstract for me... as In/yo is a relative concept and means different things in different situations.

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