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Re: Correctly Translating and Understanding the Works and Teachings of Morihei Ueshib

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Dojo full of what was to become the new aikido greats...all training and straining and most likely feeling all groovy about themselves.
Booming voice..."You all suck!!..."
oops I mean
"This is not my Aikido!"
Then he proceeds as we now teach them about the IP/aiki being discussed on Aikiweb!! Using real words- that mattered.

Then again we hear
"Sensei why can't we do what you do?"
"Because you do not understand In yo ho."
With apparently no further clarifications. Oh well.
I know people who trained with him and have heard stories from others. I have never heard of him being -for the most part -all warm and fuzzy in the dojo.
Just say'n
Hi Dan. For once I am in agreement with you. It's good to acknowledge where you are. It's actually a good exercise in life too. I could try to fix a car and bump straight into my lack of understanding and incompetence in that activity. To acknowledge where I am would be good. It's not negative. As a short cut I may say therefore I'm hopeless at fixing cars or car machanics.

I'm using the words as an acknowledgement rather than a put down. Thus it is, used this way, neutral. So in fact it fits in with what Ron would desire.

Back to topic I have just one question for you which doesn't need a long answer. It's on your view and indeed practice of the principles of in yo ho (I still call it yin and yang) and for example the eight forces mentioned. I see you pair them off and use them as in alignment with the basic premise of yin and yang being the theory of opposites.

Ok. Now for the shocker. I have yin and yang within my Aikido. I'm not saying anything to do with your Aiki teaching but merely this one question. Do you personally explain them as opposites?

I know this may sound like a dumb question not only to you but to many so I will take you out of any mystery by explaining why I ask.

It's because within my framework for years now I have pointed out to people that in essence 'opposites' is not true and that, gasp, horror, yin and yang in truth is the theory of complimentary forces and when they understand this they will understand yin and yang better.

Feel free to answer as you see fit.

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