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Re: Tsubaki America Uchi Deshi Opportunity

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Posted 2011-10-24 15:20:47 by Rev. Koichi Barrish
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Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America is accepting Applications for the Shrine Intern/ Aiki Uchi Deshi

Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America will have the opening for the Shrine Intern/ Aiki Uchi Deshi in early 2012 (although we would like our next intern to be here for Osyougatsu /New Years Hatsumoude Season if possible ). The position is full time and includes lots of cleaning and grounds keeping in addition to assisting with Shinto ceremonies, caring for Shrine Guests and all phases of operation of the Jinja..there is a stipend and private room in the shrine guest house as well as all training included. Please contact the Jinja directly with any inquiry

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I would just like to say this is a great opportunity for a very rare experience. I doubt it's possible to experience anything quite like it anywhere. The community at Tsubaki America is great and I really cannot say enough nice things about the people there. I spend very little time there these days, but I consider them to be extended family members.
The breadth and depth of knowledge (in Aikido as well as other things) contained in the wonderful people there is simply outstanding. If I didn't have my family needs I would be the first to apply.

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