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Re: Correctly Translating and Understanding the Works and Teachings of Morihei Ueshib

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It seems like you guys say "you suck" alot . Is that part of the training?
yup. it's to avoid negativity and awkwardness. it really is a complement. it's a guy thing. here is the logic (well, actually not, but it's a sort of beer logic). if you said you are good, then you don't have anything to learn so you don't need to be there. if you said you are aren't good and aren't bad, i.e. essentially neutral, then you sort of stay in place and no motivation to go anywhere or do anything about it. so if you said you suck, then essentially put yourself at the bottom which give you the incentive to climb up/out or whatever, i.e. have some place to go and something to do, i.e. you are in the right place to learn new stuffs.

remind me of a friend of mine. saw him the first time at aikido. some scruffy looking white guy walked into the dojo dressing room. he looked at me and started to tell off color jokes that would have offended every race, color, creed and animal kingdom. i looked back at him laugh out loud and started to tell redneck jokes. he looked back at me and laughed. we have been friend since. in asia, there is a fruit, rambutan, that looks ugly as hell, but inside it's very sweet and tasty. and an asian saying that translated to something along the line: what looks good might kill you.

"budo is putting on cold, wet, sweat stained gi with a smile and a snarl" - your truly
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