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Re: "Yes there is kicking and punching in Aikido..."

My first aikido teacher, one Yoshimura Sensei in Nagoya, had a set tanto-dori technique for shodan grading. Part of it included delivering a mawashi-geri to the attacker as you entered.

Kobayshi Sensei demonstrated omote ikkyo from shomen-uchi, delivering a kick to the face of the attacker at the completion of kuzushi, or raking the leg (variation of a kick)

And plenty of sempai have told me as uke to "keep your free hand ready to block the strike" (a lesson not forgotten after the strike came) or to "move out of range".

The punches and kicks are in there ("Hidden in plain sight?"), but most aikido teaching methodology wants to focus on not using excessive strength, non-resistance, taisabaki etc., to which powerful striking is seen as counter-productive.

I remember being tasked to "deal with" a couple of new students - former boxing students - who just wanted to stand there and use brute strength. On tenchi-nage, one of them was successfuly defeating my efforts to throw him, but I pointed out that I was in a perfect position to git him a good head-butt,

Tori - watch for openings, and use atemi to create openings, and watch out for strikes.
Uke - keep tori on their toes by striking when they are open, and watch out for strikes yourself.

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