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The fragrance of flowers invades your senses but we don't seem to mind. We wake up and it's a new dawn and we don't cry foul play. ............................................................ Aiki warfare is peace in action. It's a joy to be invaded.
if i got invaded early in the morning and if you didn't brought coffee, i would call that foul play. let me make this clear, morning -> coffee or prepare for some ass kicking warfare. there should be a Geneva convention on that: there should be no invasion of any kind, in the morning, without coffee. matter of fact, both side should sit down for coffee and donut/crone or whatever, and read the funnies in the paper and exchange morning pleasantry. after such, then invasion can begin, but not before then. not to mention, invasion should stop for lunch with jokes and banter exchange that starts with "yo mama ...." and of couse, invasion should halt for dinner where both sides would exchange recipes of MRE, follow dinner with some dancing and singing, then bed down for the night to get a good rest, in order to renew our vigor, for the next day invasion.

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