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Re: Aikido in a street situation

For street situations, BJJ and (kick)boxing, plus a lot of anaerobic fitness is all that one needs (to resolve an unavoidable contact): Never the less, they're somethings compelling about aikido, especially on how harmonious the practice is in facing old age.

How the venerable Aikido founder seems to be so alive and effective makes an impression.

When "push comes to shove" I have a haunch that strong aikido and a 45ACP pistol may be all that is really needed in close quarters, in a street, home, or in an airplane to resist "evil."

Of all the martial arts discussions that I have had over the decades ( and i've had way too many) the points of views of "practical" aikido-ka and MMA "fighters" have been the most interesting.

Any hour spent training in martial arts beats any hour spent on the Internet or on watching broadcast TV, usually, for what may work in real life.

P.S. just read the post by WJ above: outstanding. Thank you.

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